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  Outsourcing and Partnering Services…
  GHM Building Tectonics are leading providers of expert property advice to individuals, business and investors across the UK. We also provide all of our services as un-branded, white label or outsourced products aimed at improving relationships, reducing capital investment and easing cash flow.

All companies and organisations are likely to need expert property or technical advice at some point in their day to day operations. For those with significant property management issues, investing in property expertise might be beneficial but is unlikely to align with core business or investment strategies.

We provide outsourcing solutions and white label real estate products to many of our corporate customers. Our roles often include being retained as a preferred consulting partner over long periods, ensuring we get to know personalities and properties and are on hand to advise on specific problems as they occur. Often our role is aimed at filling a specific skill gap such as producing architectural plans or certification or providing outsourced estates monitoring or management which may not require the investment of a full time resource.

In either scenario we are able to tailor any of our products or services to sit anonymously within any organisation, providing the knowledge, safety and expertise of employing experienced real estate professionals.